Skinception Illuminatural 6i Review: Advantages and Disadvantages

Last update: 2023-08-17

According to Skinception Illuminatural 6i reviews, this cream won’t just give you an ivory complexion; it will also make your dark spots disappear forever. To know more about this skin-lightening cream, just read on.

Black spots, blemishes, and scars can be embarrassing, especially to women who love to have a flawless complexion. Some women go for expensive skin treatments to get rid of dark spots. Everyone can’t afford costly treatments. Moreover, skin treatments may cause adverse side effects. It can be a painful process.

What is the solution for the dark spots on the skin? Is there no remedy?

Here is some good news. Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener does wonders in lightening your skin.

There are indeed numerous products available in the market to get rid of the dark spots in your skin.

Are all of them effective? Are all of them safe?

The answer is a NO. Some of them have harmful ingredients like mercury, bleach, steroids, and hydroquinone that may cause damage to your skin. I am sure you want to know how and why Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener is different from others. You should read the Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener review to know the reasons.

What is Illuminatural 6i, what does it do and what is it for?

bottles of Illuminatural 6iSkinception Illuminatural 6i is an advanced skin lightener in the form of a topical serum that utilizes modern developments in skin whitening technology to noticeably brighten and lighten skin.  With daily application, dark spots will fade and skin tones will be evened as the Illuminatural 6i’s unique formulation sets to work.

This unique formulation is made up of six clinically proven ingredients, eight natural plant extracts, and five refined minerals, all working together to face excessive pigmentation by blocking and preventing the production of melanin, sloughing off dead skin cells, and improving the turnover of new cells to the surface.

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Best results are to be expected after using Illuminatural 6i for 90 days.

The Illuminatural 6i could just be the answer to your prayers

Let’s try and get more discerning about why we’d choose this product over others.

Here’s a low down on what makes Illuminatural 6i skin-lightening formulation the best you can get:

  • You wouldn’t be compromising on skin safety because the product has none of the following ingredients-hydroquinone, steroids, mercury, or bleach.
  • It does not promise a quick-fix formula. That is quite true for if you want a caring and gentle treatment it would need time and patience. Asking for four weeks of use to show its results, the product is ethical in its promise.
  • Nature has inspired and provided its most active ingredients that not only exfoliate but also provide anti-oxidants and sun filters, that are botanically extracted to give you the most effective protection from environmental pollutants.

The Power of Impact

before and after

One of the most advanced, natural skin-lightening formulations available in the market today, it is not only safe but highly effective.

Dramatic results have been clinically proven in cases of:

  • deep and old scars and even birthmarks
  • freckles
  • age or sun spots
  • even melasma and prominent acne marks

Working in tandem with your skin’s renewal cycle, its six magical ingredients combined to perfection produce the most flawless and radiant complexion within a matter of weeks.

Deconstructing The Product

Let’s get under the skin of this product to see what it does.

  • The Illuminatural 6i contains niacinamide which under clinical trials reduced hyperpigmentation in 89% of the cases.
  • Sodium lactate with its potent action showed skin lightening impact on 95%of the trial group.
  • Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, whitonyl, and alpha-arbutin are the other potent players in the action of skin lightening that are proven to be safe and effective agents.
  • There are no traces of other more commonly found chemicals as in other skin creams, that have been associated with skin cancers, fetal deformities, and organ failure. One needs to remember that our skin though many layers deep is an organ of our body through which many of these harmful chemicals seep in reaching the bloodstream.

What You Could Expect

Well, above all complete peace of mind for having chosen a safe product and secondly the money back guarantee that allows you the luxury of experimentation.

Having the potential to give you the benefit of skin treatments like dermabrasions or skin peels that would cost you far more, the Illuminatural 6i has the power to eradicate even the old blemishes and scars that refuse to fade away. With no skin dryness which is so common with fairness creams, this product needs to be used twice a day and may be worn comfortably under your daily makeup.

The natural exfoliants will gently rid your skin of the darker dead cells and clear the way for the regeneration and renewal process. The anti-oxidants will moisturize and help in cell rejuvenation to leave you with supple softness and amazing radiance.

Illuminatural 6i offers the following benefits

benefits Illuminatural 6i

  • Block and interrupt melanin production to halt skin darkening;
  • Help new skin cells to rise to the skin’s surface for a lighter complexion;
  • Prevent further darkening by blocking UV rays with organic and plant-based sun filters;
  • Slough off dead skin cells for improved turnover and faster lightening; and
  • Promote a healthy skin cell regeneration cycle.

Advantages of Using It

  • It will be effective in any skin tone, even if you are a Caucasian, African American, or Asian.
  • It only uses natural and active ingredients meaning there are no toxic substances therefore you will experience no side effects.
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Within just 4 weeks, you will notice fairer skin with lesser dark spots.

Disadvantages of Using It

  • To be effective, you have to apply it two times a day.
  • To achieve completely spotless fair skin, you have to use it for 3 whole months.

So those are just some of the things that you need to know about Skinception Illuminatural 6i. If you have already decided to buy one, order at their official website now.

What are the ingredients in Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener?

It contains clinically proven natural ingredients that are safe. Its ingredients include sodium lactate, niacinamide, alpha arbutin, ginkgo biloba extract, glycerin, green tea extract, grape seed extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, xantham gum, milk thistle extract, water, and many more.

These ingredients work together to naturally block and interrupt the production of melanin in the skin, the cause of dark skin pigmentation. Designed to work seamlessly with the skin’s natural 28-day regeneration cycle.

These include:

  • Sodium Lactate: The concentration at which sodium lactate is proven to be most effective, which is 8%, is the same as what Illuminatural 6i possesses. Studies show that using this dose of the chemical three times per day resulted in 95% of test respondents reporting noticeable whitening benefits after 24 hours. Tyrosinase activity is inhibited, melanin synthesis is blocked, and skin moisture retention is all effects of sodium lactate.
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a water-soluble substance produced from vitamin C, is an excellent skin lightener, especially when used in combination with sodium lactate. Illuminatural 6i uses it in a concentration of 5%. Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and sodium lactate together were shown to be more than 200% more efficient in lightening skin than each component used separately.
  • Niacinamide, a physiologically active form of vitamin B3, is efficient in lowering hyperpigmentation and enhancing its effects on skin whitening. Niacinamide use involves more than 200 biochemical processes, however, unlike other B-vitamin formulations, it is well tolerated by the skin and does not cause flushing.
  • Whitonyl: With just a 2% concentration, the proprietary chemical whitonyl effectively prevents the production of melanin and manages photoinduced pigmentation to enhance skin condition. Since Illuminatural 6i employs a 4% concentration of the substance, better benefits are to be anticipated.
  • Ronaflair Softshade: Using natural mica, Ronaflair Softshade offers translucent coverage that glides over the skin for a dewy finish while soaking up excess oil. Until Illuminatural 6i entirely removes skin flaws, this component helps conceal them.
  • Alpha Arbutin, another proprietary chemical, lightens skin by drastically reducing the formation of melanin in all types of skin. According to studies, this substance may stop up to 70% of melanin formation, which makes it useful for minimizing liver and sun spots as well as tanning after sun exposure. The majority of pears contain this component, which is made from blueberry, mulberry, cranberry, and bearberry leaves.
  • Hydrolite-5: This component moisturizes the skin on its own, but it also increases other compounds’ bioavailability to enhance a product’s total impact. After 14 days of application, the skin is said to be 100% more moisturized, according to the advantages alone.
  • SymGlucan: In addition to enhancing skin’s hydration, smoothness, elasticity, and firmness, SymGlucan shields against UV rays, minimizes wrinkles, and encourages collagen formation for skin that looks younger.

Some of the other ingredients found in Skinception Illuminatural 6i include:

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: Anti-bacterial Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice is well recognized for its soothing effects on the skin while guarding against UV rays and sun damage. In fact, the aloin level of this substance may block up to 30% of the sun’s UV radiation. Aloe is a natural source of salicylic acid, which contributes to its ability to lighten skin.
  • Dimethicone silicone oil: Improved skin barrier properties from dimethicone silicone oil help the skin retain moisture and shield it from the environment.
  • Palmaria Palmata Extract: Palmaria palmate, an extract from red seaweed, is well recognized for reducing skin pigmentation and promoting a complexion that is more evenly toned.
  • Titanium Dioxide, a natural sunscreen component, absorbs UV radiation to shield skin from sun damage.
  • Silica: The anti-aging mineral silica, a key component of collagen, increases skin firmness and suppleness while lowering inflammation.
  • Beta-Glucan: Illuminatural 6i contains beta-glucan for its healing and anti-aging properties, which have been shown to be beneficial in minimizing scars following surgery. In order to promote healthy skin turnover and improve macrophage health, which will effectively remove dead skin cells, collagen formation is induced.
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Green Tea): Strong antioxidants in Camellia Sinensis Leaf combat free radicals and minimize skin irritation and redness. Epigallocatechin gallate, one of the antioxidants found in green tea, is said to be 200 times more efficient than vitamin E at fending off free radicals and effective at encouraging the formation of collagen for improved skin suppleness and firmness. Green tea ingredients also strengthen the skin’s natural defenses against the sun’s damaging rays.
  • Vitis Vinifera Seed Extract (Grape): Vitis Vinifera is an excellent antioxidant-rich substance for preventing the degradation of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid as well as improving capillary health for improved blood flow to the skin and reducing inflammation.
  • Bilberry extract, a plant pigment with strong antioxidant properties and vitamin C, is excellent for enhancing collagen health and enhancing blood circulation.
  • Silybum Marianum Extract (Milk Thistle): The active component of milk thistle extract is known as silymarin, which is composed of bioflavonoids, silydianin, and silybin. These bioflavonoids soothe and smooth the skin while preventing inflammation and free radical damage.
  • Pinus pinaster bark extract, often known as maritime pine, is a naturally occurring anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory substance that enhances the body’s immune system, strengthens capillary and blood vessel walls, and guards against damaging free radicals. Maritime pine extracts also promote faster wound healing.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract: Ginkgo Biloba Extract increases skin oil production and circulation to keep the skin naturally hydrated and radiant. Along with improved collagen synthesis, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic benefits are also to be anticipated.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate: Tocopheryl Acetate alters the structure of the skin to improve the components in Illuminatural 6i’s absorption and penetration. It also has anti-oxidant, skin-moisturizing, and skin-renewal benefits.

How do all these ingredients work in lightening your skin?

Most of the skin-lightening products available in the market are just exfoliators. Exfoliating is indeed good for your skin, but you cannot get the best results just by exfoliating alone. The ingredients in Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener help to reduce melanin production. Melanin is the main culprit for the dark spots in your skin.

It helps in the regeneration of new cells and the elimination of dead cells. Fresh cells are the key to getting flawless skin.

The natural ingredients present in this product help in removing all types of blemishes like freckles, acne marks, age spots, sun spots, birthmarks, and many more.

Natural skin care products are not new but it is always refreshing to encounter products that turn to new ingredients to give better effects. Understanding what sort of ingredients are in a product will help you understand what a skin care product like Skinception Illuminatural 6i can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Skinception Illuminatural 6i?

The Skinception Illuminatural 6i is a skin-lightening cream that is formulated using clinically proven skin lighteners, plant-based sun filters, healing anti-inflammatories, natural exfoliants, biologically active anti-oxidants and vitamins, skin lightening oils and extracts, dermal layer delivery agents, and deep skin brightening moisturizers.

What sets the Illuminatural 6i apart from other skin lighteners?

For starters, it doesn’t simply exfoliate or scrape off dead cells to promote new skin. Rather, the unique formulation of the Illuminatural 6i penetrates deep into the dermal layers of the skin to interrupt and block melanin production and promote healthy skin renewal.

This skin lightener from Skinception seamlessly works with the skin’s natural regeneration cycle, working from within to lighten skin. On top of that, Illuminatural 6i makes use of natural ingredients so it’s generally safe to use, containing none of the synthetic ingredients like bleach, steroids, mercury, or hydroquinone.

What kind of skin concerns can Illuminatural 6i handle?

Illuminatural 6i’s formulation can take care of dark spots, uneven skin tone, freckles, birthmarks, dark knees, dark inner elbows, sun spots, age spots, liver spots, old scars, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, chloasma, melasma, senile lentigines, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and more. If it’s anything due to the action of melanin on the skin, Illuminatural 6i can take care of it.

Will Illuminatural 6i work for all skin types?

Yes! Illuminatural 6i is made to work with whatever skin type you have, as well as whatever skin tone you might have as dictated by your race. So whether you are African or Asian or Caucasian, Illuminatural 6i will be able to handle your skin-lightening needs.

Can it handle acne as well?

Illuminatural 6i is not formulated to treat acne per se, but it can significantly reduce the appearance of acne scars. However, many of those who have used the product on their acne report seeing drastic improvement in acne breakouts while using Illuminatural 6i. This may be attributed to the fact that the formulation that Illuminatural 6i follows is developed to work seamlessly with and improve the 28-day natural regeneration cycle of the skin.

Can Illuminatural 6i be used even on sensitive skin?

Generally, Illuminatural 6i is safe for use even on sensitive skin or in intimate areas. However, people react differently to the same formulation so it is advised that before using Illuminatural 6i you take a small amount of the skin lightener and apply it on your skin for testing. No adverse reactions to the serum have ever been reported but it is always better to always be on the safe side.

How to use Illuminatural 6i?

To use this skin lightener, simply apply Illuminatural 6i in small dots to the skin area you wish to be treated, smoothing the serum gently over the skin until it is absorbed fully. For optimum results, it would be best to apply the serum twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

Just keep using the skin lightener until you achieve the results you desire although the best results are expected to be seen within 90 days of use. Illuminatural 6i can be used on the face and body and can also be worn under your makeup.

How long until you see the results you desire?

The skin’s natural regeneration cycle lasts for 28 days. Skin lightening takes time so you have to be patient. Even an effective product like Skinception Illuminatural 6i projects that it will take 90 days of use to achieve the best results. If you encounter a product promising the same results in less than 30 days, please think twice about even considering that product.

Making pigmentations go away requires that melanin production be stopped or normalized and that dead skin cells that cause darkening be sloughed off to make room for newer, fairer skin. Illuminatural 6i understands that it takes time and so recommends at least three cycles of skin regeneration to be committed to achieving the results you’re looking for.

Are there any side effects to using Illuminatural 6i?

There are no reported side effects to using Illuminatural 6i so you have nothing to worry about. However, the product is not recommended for use by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

How long does it take for Illuminatural 6i to be shipped?

Illuminatural 6i can easily be bought online so this means that shipping to worldwide locations is offered. As much as possible, there is a commitment to address the needs of all customers so you can specify how soon you want your skin lightener to arrive at your door. Whether you want it there the next day or don’t mind waiting a week, you should be able to receive your Illuminatural 6i within whatever period you specify.

Does Illuminatural 6i come with a guarantee?

The Illuminatural 6i is recommended to be used for 90 days, requiring about three containers of the product. If after 90 days of use, you are not satisfied with the results Illuminatural 6i gave you, you simply have to return all three empty containers. You are given 97 days to do this (90 days to try the product + 7 days for returning empty containers) from the time Illuminatural 6i was delivered to you.

You will only be given a full refund for the purchase amount of the product and not for the shipping charges you were billed. Additionally, you will be responsible for the cost of returning the empty containers of Illuminatural 6i. If you have more than three containers with you, you also have to return all the other unopened containers you have left. Every customer though can only get a refund for every order.


Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener To Get A Flawless And Spotless Skin

Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener is effective for all skin types, but it is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women. It does not cause allergies even to the most sensitive skin. You can use it on your face, elbows, knees, and all other problem areas.

You can get Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener for a discount with bonus offers. Above all, you have a money refund guarantee that proves the effectiveness and reliability of the product. You are assured of dark spot-free and blemishes-free skin if you buy Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener.